Dorafloor Raised Access Floor Systems

What is Raised Floor?

The raised floor is a useful device that creates a second floor surface on the building floor and allows the components such as pipes, ducts and cables of electrical, mechanical and ventilation installations to be transported to the desired point quickly, without the need for time and money-wasting construction works. is a building material.


Turnkey Raised Access Floor Solutions

Easy Access to Infrastructure
It provides easy access under the ground without turning your structures into a construction site. Panels are easily removed and necessary interventions are made immediately.
Time / Money Saving
Since offices are frequently redesigned, floor replacement demands can be met in a short time with minimal cost. Change panels and get back to business.
Aesthetic Designs
It allows you to cover your floors with the textures and colors your designer wants. It offers aesthetics and functionality together by offering practical solutions to original designs.
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Dorafloor Raised Access Floor Systems

Dorafloor Raised Access Floor Systems


Raised floor systems; It provides aesthetic and functional solutions in buildings where cabling, cooling, heating and ventilation installations are used on the ground. When needed, as cables and installations are hidden in the space left under the raised floor. By removing the plates, necessary interventions can be made immediately. Raised floor systems are also used for heating, cooling and sound insulation of the floor. It has become inevitable to be used in modern offices, server rooms, IT rooms and offices with heavy cable usage.

  • Infrastructure, maintenance and service operations can be done easily without casting.
  • Access floors eliminate static electricity and magnetic fields that occur in places where electronic devices are used extensively.
  • Provides air insulation. It contributes to air conditioning in buildings where sensitive devices are used.
  • Power, energy, communication and database systems can be kept securely isolated from the ground.
  • It saves energy costs by providing ventilation from the floor. This system keeps the ventilation equipment in the pressure chambers and allows the cold-hot air to be taken into the room through the perforated floor plates.
  • Since it is possible to raise the system more than one meter, it allows the rooms to be equalized and balanced at different lengths.
  • Panels, which can carry heavy equipment without the need for benches or any other support equipment, have a heavy load carrying capacity.
  • Thanks to its built-in connections without the need for a wall, it is possible to distribute the network under the system in open areas.
  • Flooring systems increase the aesthetic quality in the environments they are in and allow you to get rid of the bad looking cable stacks.
  • Laying systems reduce costs due to cable management, ventilation equipment installation and ease of maintenance.
  • There are many surface coatings that look like granite, porcelain, PVC, HPL, Epoxy or wood. It becomes easier to adapt to the decoration and colors of the application areas.
  • They contribute to the productivity of the employees by making the working environment functional.

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